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Chapters of my life

never stop

From an early age, I developed a passion for adventure, exploring rugged mountain terrains with my father and older brother.


My youth was mostly dedicated to competitive sports, leading to national and international victories and training at an Olympic facility.

By 19, I was participating in expeditions near the Arctic Circle. In harsh conditions, I trained professional sled dog teams for the Yukon Quest (1600 km) and the Iditarod (1820 km), the world's most grueling long-distance races.

A few years later, I organized my own expeditions to pioneer new climbing routes, focusing on Alaska's extreme climate and untamed wilderness. My mountaineering has since taken me to the Andes, the southern Himalayas, Burma, and Northern Canada.

Parallel to my adventures, I earned a Master of Science and pursued studies in economics and psychology at Yale University and in London.


In New York City, I founded a strategy consulting firm specializing in international management and established a communications firm.

I currently serve as CEO of HILLWIRED in Munich, Germany.

Florian Hill

Visionary thinking, excellence and the courage to push beyond boundaries
– the worlds of management and mountaineering are more intertwined than most people realize.

What should be done with all the insights and experiences gained from extreme and complex situations, such as those on an expedition?

They remain useless until transformed into collective, actionable elements. This systems-oriented approach to societal learning processes has become a principal focus in my current work - particularly within an organizational context.


By integrating these elements, I am trying to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and adaptation, driving innovation and resilience.

Through self-reflection, analysis, and synthesis of extreme experiences, I found a key to overcoming challenges; Life’s true value emerges from an individual learning process that transforms obstacles into strategic options, creating room for maneuvers toward greater achievement and fulfillment.

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