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»The summit is not just a goal but a powerful turning point.«

Looking back at my life as a professional expedition climber, the summit was more than just a goal—it was a turning point with transformative power for change.


Florian Hill, M.Sc.

CEO, lecturer & research assistant

I have gained invaluable experience in extreme conditions and complex situations, which cannot be found in any textbook. These existential insights have taught me how to make critical decisions under high pressure.

With over 15 years of experience in an international business environment and a scientific degree in psychology and business administration, I have developed key competencies defined by strategic foresight, high resilience, and self-motivation.

In my diverse professional roles, I view success as more than just numbers and data. Regardless of how success is measured, it always stems from effective human cooperation and communication in an organizational context.

Building on this understanding, my goal is to inspire and motivate individuals to reach their highest potential and amplify their overall effectiveness.


Current business ventures

With great passion, I am currently dedicated to serving as an executive in the communications industry and as chairman for a strategy consultancy firm.

HILLWIRED is a dynamic hub for communication, marketing, and organizational development.

hillalliance LLC is a business accelerator enhancing economic relations between Germany and the USA.


"As Chief Editor, I am largely responsible for the content included, and I am proud to say that the extraordinary mountaineer, Florian Hill, has contributed his incredible talent to our pages. Florian is an amazing mountaineer and has repeatedly proven his worth to the expeditions and projects he has participated in."

Siebo Heiken

Chief Editor, National Geographic Germany

References I've worked with

"Since I met Florian Hill in 2017, we have worked on various projects together. Through his high degree of emotional intelligence and empathy, Florian Hill has been able to successfully lead large groups and efficiently manage difficult negotiations. Due to his numerous diverse experiences, he can quickly familiarize himself with new situations and inspire those around him."

Dr. Ansgar Tietmeyer

Former Head of Public & Political Affairs of Deutsche Bank

Partner with Berlin Global Advisors

President of the Economic Policy Club Germany

"In various debates at the Ernst Strüngmann Institute, I got to know Florian as a critical and inquisitive thinker, with the ability ot tackle socially relevant topics from different angles. He combines excellent communication skills with a unique and diverse set of experiences, which allows him ot provide a fresh and valuable perspective to his environment."

Prof. D.r med. D.r .h.c mult. Wolf Singer

Director Emeritus Max Planck Institute for Brain Research,

Founding Director of the Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience, 

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